Monday, March 21, 2011

iPhone Car Fun

About a month ago, I bought a new car and got an iphone.  Trust me when I say I had big plans for using the iPhone to its funnest, fullest capacity in my car.  I wanted to be able to listen to music on Pandora, Sirius and Slacker.  I wanted to have the iphone guide me step by step to my destination hearing that annoying voice tell me to turn left while gazing down at a map wondering where the heck I am.  My new car lacked a thermometer so I wanted to be able to gaze down and see at a glance how hot or cold it is currently outside. 

Today, finally (thanks State of Maine for holding my refund check hostage) my ProClip car mount package arrived in the mail.  It's a kind of a custom made car mount and holder.  On the website ProClip you first select what kind of car you have.  They have mounts specifically designed to fit perfectly in every single car.  Depending on your car you even have several mounting locations.  I chose a center mount on the side which allows me to plug my iPhone into the car to charge while also plugging into the aux outlet...therefore, listening to music, gazing at temperatures and maps, all the while keeping the thing juiced up.  Once you select your car's mount you then select your phone holder.  Unlike many car mounts you can chose one that fits an iphone with a case.  I was a little worried about installing this bad boy but it turned out to be easy, breezy, took only 5 minutes and I didn't even swear once.

If you are as geeky and particular as I am, check out this article which pretty much says everything I just did put from someone who is a bit more articulate than I am :) ProClip Article

Here it is "naked".  The bottom piece looks like it's not in place but there's just a bit of a gap.  It is, in fact, locked in tight.

And here it is with the iphone in and ready to go.  It angles slightly toward the driver and is an easy reach even with my short arms. It gently and easily slides in and out of the holder.

All plugged in for maximun listening enjoyment.

Yes, it really is something like this that makes my life a little bit brighter!


  1. I love your blog Jen! You may have single handedly talked me into getting an i-phone! And if I do, I'll be sure and get one of those thingamajigs to hold it in my car too! :)

  2. you should definitely get an iphone :) Love mine!

  3. Listening to the radio's cool and all, but listening to your own mix of music in your car is a lot-- err... awesome-r. (Sorry, couldn't find a better word at the moment. Haha!) That's one good find, if you ask me. They have a great selection of other kinds of device mounts too.