Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cruise Video

So, yet again I gazed longingly at a cruise ship out my home office window last night.  This time it's a Celebrity Cruise line with that big blue and white "X" smack dab in front of me.  It, of course, makes me think back to my cruise last April.  That made me think of a few short videos I have that I was never able to upload to Facebook I guess because the file is too large and my internet connection too slow.  But...I was able to upload them here.  They show I either have a long way to go in my movie making career or I was just drinking a lot.

I was having trouble with the camera recording and I lost a great video of us acting crazy in the theatre in our formal wear.  So, the next day I took a few moments to make sure I had it down.

Pretty sure I didn't even know I was recording this short clip.

I figured the camera thing out just in time. Ah, Francisco...

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