Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Autumn is Here!

Tomorrow may mark the official start of fall but it came a day early to my house. 

This the mum that I received from work.  They do a small employee appreciation gift a few times a year.  I came out of a meeting today and was greeted with mums galore.  I picked this because I love the color.  Then I got closer and picked it up and realized it was also at least double the size of most of the others!  Next employee gift will be when the pie truck comes in a couple of months...chocolate cream...yum!

After I had my mum I headed to the farmer's market that sets up at Martin's Point each Tuesday during the season.  I bought these two pumpkins.  I'm a little worried that they are too heavy for the old mantel and I may end up moving them but they do look great!  I've always liked the white pumpkins.  They are so unique and add a touch of something special.

It just doesn't get much better than mini pumpkins and pumpkin tea lights. Well, unless it's pumpkin bread, cookies or cheesecake!

These are gourds I got at the farmer's market.  Later this week I'll head down to the basement and get out my fall/Halloween things and arrange the gourds in a bowl.

Before I end I have to give a much delayed shout out to my friend Kate.  The look, feel and design of this blog is shamelessly copied from her own blog.  Before I started reading her blog I thought blogs were long, wordy, sentimental, emotional crap.  But she lets her pictures speak for her and makes something easy and fun to look forward to. 


  1. Are you referring to me? That's so funny because I feel like I copy Heathers blog. The more friends that start blogs the better.

  2. Yes, referring to you. I need to check out Heather's blog now!