Sunday, August 8, 2010


Once again I find myself attempting to be someone who could be called "runner".  I've had several short-lived attempts at running in the past.  It's not something that comes naturally to me and I always quickly come to the point where I hit a wall, get frustrated, think I'm a poser, and so I quit.  Now I could have all kinds of philosophical discussion about running being a metaphor for life.  Some might say that things getting tough and then I quit parallels many aspects of my life. In fact a friend once said about running "It doesn't ever get easier.  Or if it does than you aren't making progress."  Now that struck me as a philosophical statement even when this friend was really just simply talking about running.  But I'm going to completely stay rather one dimensional and really just talk about my current journey with running.

I just started week four of a couch to 5k program that I'm doing.  I found a set of great pod casts that I'm using to guide me.  When the voice in my ipod says run, I run.  When he tells me to walk and stay loose, I try to do that. In between there is some techno type music that seems to suit running quite well. The fact that I don't have to carry an annoying and dorky stopwatch to time these runs is the icing on the cake.  Here the link for what I'm using:

So, I'm in week four and I'm hanging in there and can truthfully say that I have fully followed this program and am committed to seeing it through the entire nine weeks.  At that time I've been promised that I'll be running 3 miles.  I've even checked out local 5ks happening in late September. 

My essentials are really my sneakers and ipod.  I'm still struggling to find really comfortable clothes that move and seem to not be annoying.  I'm sure this isn't helped much by the fact that most times I've run it has been 85 degrees and disgustingly humid. 

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  1. Hi Jen...Yay! You have a blog! I love reading Kate's blog and I know I'll love reading yours, too. I use to be a "runner" about 10 years ago, after just deciding one day that I'd give it a try. I even managed to do the Beach to Beacon in Cape Elizabeth in 2001...the longest distance I've ever run. Somehow I lost my way, had a couple of kids, gained a bunch of weight, and have never found my way back. I miss it though - - I always found it to be like going to therapy, only without the outrageous bills! Good luck to you - - I'll look forward to reading more about your running.