Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Running

So, my running schedule has me starting a new running week on Sundays.  Except yesterday I could not, can't make me, not gonna do it, wouldn't go out for a run.  I barely made it outside at all.
So, that left me determined to make up for it by running tonight.  I've been really disciplined about this program and I know all it takes are a few little slip ups and I will not be finishing that nine week program until next July :) 
As the day wore on today I thought of a thousand reasons why I couldn't possibly go out.  It's a Monday, I'm tired, I'm hungry, it's been a long day, it's going to rain, it's going to lightening...and on and on.
Of course I might not be writing this if I had actually given in to those excuses and been a slug this evening.  No, you guessed it...I went running.  It didn't rain or thunder and lightening.  I was tired and hungry but it was only 35 minutes and then it was done. 
I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for my Friday run since it will be the longest yet--a 20 minute stretch with no walk break.  Stay tuned...

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