Monday, August 9, 2010


There's a little gem of a place a block from my apartment called El Rayo.  Just walking up to the building brings back fond memories of the place.  The building is the old gas station, convenience store, pizza place that was called Harborview. At the time I worked at the Holiday Inn By the Bay and was constantly giving out menus to guests for Harborview Pizza.  One late night after many beverages a friend and I found ourselves stumbling into a convenience store.  As I roamed the little store I suddenly noticed that in the back of the store they were making pizzas and the sign said HarborView.  I screamed out "We're in Harborview!" As many menus as I had handed out and phone calls I made to help guests place orders I never gave much thought to where the place was located.  In my drunken state I found it hilarious that it resided at the back of a convenience store--I didn't get out much back then I guess. Shortly thereafter I moved to a great studio apartment on State Street. I would often walk from my apartment down to Harborview to pick up soda or whatever.  I even remember tucking a tiny black and white kitten named Lou under my arm and bringing him down to Harborview. 

Well, here we are 15 years later and I'm back living on State Street with that little black and white kitty.  Only now Harborview has morphed into El Rayo.  Several times I've found myself sitting outside at a picnic table with an umbrella overhead on one of many hot summer days we have been fortunate to have. Tonight I had char grilled chicken quesadillas and a margarita de la casa.  I like to sit and imagine for a moment that I'm back in Mexico.  The place has more than a touch of the feel of Frosty's at Tulum.

Tonight I went there with a close friend. We sat and talked and people watched while a band played in the background.  Afterwards it took only a few uphill steps and I was home again...and Mexico many miles behind me.

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