Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday Weekend

This has been the most amazing 4 1/2 day holiday weekend ever!  Here are a few highlights.  I'm tired but very happy!

  • Started the weekend with a very rainy trip to Local 188 where this was the reward:
Photo: Rainy Friday drinks!

  • Playing elf for my sister in Colorado who had ordered my parents a new 47" HDTV
  • Ken telling the Best Buy delivery guys that they must be wrong-he wasn't expecting a delivery!
  • Best Buy set everything up, no cables to fiddle with, no old TV to discard, no box to recycle, worry free!
  • New Blu Ray player with Amazon and Pandora set up and ready for watching/listening entertainment.
  • Upgraded a decades old cable package to include all the new HD channels and Showtime for less money than they started with.
Here's the old TV on it's way out:

And here's the new setup.  The picture is deceiving since it's before we got the HD channels so there is a wide black bar around the picture.  And you really can't see the Blu Ray since it's black and small:

  • Amazing lobster stew! (my only cheat meal in the past two months!)  I inhaled the first bowl and had to go for a second.
  • Yummy homemade bread just perfect for dipping in the lobster broth AND whoopie pie for dessert.
  • Spending time with my niece who is amazed by the little things "A snowflake!  I can't believe she painted a snowflake on my toe!"
  • Seeing mom get a well deserved pedicure and a gel manicure.
  • I love my toe color Midnight In Moscow!  It's charcoal dark with a hint of maroon shimmer.
  • Girl's lunch at On The Border following the spa treatments.

  • Setting a beautiful, festive holiday table.
  • Making a comforting, yummy vegan Christmas Eve meal.
  • Screeching in delight at my gift from my cat-he has such great taste :)
  • Festive champagne toast.
  • Christmas Day snow giving me the perfect excuse to relax and read all day!

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