Sunday, April 13, 2014


For no known reason I have been drawn to dresses lately.  Not the kind of dresses I could ever wear to work but the kind of frivolous dresses that I will have to come up with an excuse to wear.  Nevertheless, I made this purchase on my current favorite store Thred Up.  Thred Up is an online second hand store.  I have bought a bunch of items from them over the past year and every piece I get is impeccable.  And just in case used clothing isn't good enough they have tons of items that people have sent in that are new with tags.  I get amazing quality brand name clothing at a steal! Love it.  Plus they just started a thing where if you order from their app you get free return shipping.  Risk free shopping.  I am so in love!  The dress arrives and when I try it on it's low cut in the best way and the black side panels are really flattering.  I believe this dress will make it's way into my suitcase to Austin just in case I have an opportunity to show it off.

On the way to dinner last night my friends and I stumbled into a little Vintage Shop on Congress Street.  There was a sign in the window that said 75% off all dresses.  We went in and decided to mess around with trying on dresses just for the fun of it.  We snapped a few photos and weren't actually thinking about buying anything.  We never even looked at the price tags.  When I decided I really liked what I tried on I asked the price.  The owner had to go to the register to check and my mouth dropped open when she told me the price was $2.50.  I was a more than a little bit thrilled.  I bought two dresses and a delightful little ring for under $15.  Amazing.  And fun!

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