Thursday, July 4, 2013


I have fallen in love with a web site I discovered that sells quality, used, name brand clothing at great prices.  I was skeptical at first but I had a $10 coupon code to use so I placed a small order and loved what I received.  The clothes are flawless.  They do not look ever worn. Thredup has a very strict policy on what clothes they will accept to sell.
You can also get $10 to use: Thredup $10 free

I really need some clothes to put away for when I take my trip to Costa Rica in the fall.  I placed an order and once again was extremely pleased with the quality and value of the clothes I received.  Here are a few of my finds:

And this is the total for my order:

I went back on the site and browsed a little bit deeper.  They have TONS of stuff marked at $2.99 including new with tags items!  I believe this might be due to a change they are making.  I got an email that they will no longer be accepting items that they can't retail for under 6.00.  They were losing money on them.  But in the meantime they have marked down tons of older stuff!  Here are a couple of things that I'm waiting to appear in my mailbox:

This is a new with tags blazer for 2.99 and a new with tags blouse  for 3.49!

Ok, I spent a lot this order but I got 18 items including seven new with tags items! 

 So exciting!  Check them out: ThredUP

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