Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Photo Days 25-30...I did it!

I will admit that these last few days have been a struggle.  Life has been blissfully calm and without incident so there haven't been great photo opportunities.  Still, I managed to get in my daily photo.  Here they are and that's a wrap!

Day 25:

Yes, another Lou picture.  I think he's cute...so there.

Day 26:

I don't normally get involved in tracking gas prices but this one caught my attention!

Day 27:

I've started having steel cut oats for breakfast every morning.  So simple and good!

Day 28:

I made a red velvet cake!  Although it's actually more like pink velvet...oh well!

Day 29:

My birthday card has two old ladies sitting on a bus.  That will be me next month as we've planned the Hen fall trip to Foxwoods!

Day 30:

Spider plants are supposed to be impossible to kill, right?  Well, I killed the last one and have higher hopes for this new spider baby.

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