Friday, August 31, 2012

Photo Days 9-12

It's been all about art in my house lately.  I love impressionist art and it is what has been hanging on every wall of my homes for at least 15 years.  I still love it but I decided I wanted to update, refresh and reflect my personality today.  I also used the opportunity to declutter some things in my living room and move around other things.  I will probably end up posting a big reveal once it's all done.

Day 9:

Black and white tree prints by an artist from South Portland

Day 10:

This came in the mail.  Address directly to me, not just "resident".  Hmmmm.... prenatal vitamins..thanks.

Day 11:

Two small, whimsical prints by an artist from Brunswick

Day 12:

Even though I've mostly given up soda there are days where this is all that gets me though the work day...all that gets me through!

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